Forensic Evaluation

Forensic Psychologist

Equilibria provides comprehensive criminal and civil forensic evaluations related to legal issues for adults and juveniles.

Commonly assessed areas include:

  • Evaluations of juveniles or adults accused of criminal acts
  • Juvenile and adult pre-sentencing evaluations
  • Juvenile and adult probation evaluations
  • Juvenile waiver evaluations
  • Assessment of juvenile and adult sexual offenders
  • Competency evaluations
  • Risk assessment
  • Assessment for high risk occupations
  • Child abuse evaluations
  • Forensic civil evaluations

We also provide counseling and psychotherapy services to individuals involved in criminal cases. Issues addressed include:

  • Individual and group psychotherapy for adult and juveniles involved in the justice system
  • Counseling of individuals who violate restraining orders
  • Counseling juveniles and adults on probation or parole
  • Supportive counseling for the victims of crimes
  • Counseling of individuals awaiting trial
  • Anger management skills training for offenders

Equilibria also offers attorney research and consultation services.

Schedule a Forensic Evaluation

If you would like to meet or talk with one of our psychologists in Philadelphia about forensic evaluations, call us at (267) 861-3685, option 1. Or fill out our contact form.