The Littlest Therapist & Firefighter

by Kellie Medendorp, LCSW, CFRC I am so pleased to announce to our Emergency Responders communities that Equilibria has created a specialty program to meet the unique needs of Emergency Responders. I am the founder and lead clinician of…

What Exactly is Vicarious Trauma in Emergency Responders?

by Kellie Medendorp, LCSW, CFRC At the age of 16, I became a volunteer firefighter, and when I graduated high school I made the decision to pursue social work and therapy as a career. The easiest way I can explain vicarious trauma is through…

You Need Therapy!

by Kellie Medendorp, LCSW, CFRC Do we need therapy? No. That’s right, the therapist is telling you that most people don’t NEED therapy (there may be exceptions for those living with chronic and severe psychological illnesses that may…

The Power of Play in Parenting: Nurturing Healthy Connections

by Kristy Brumfield Play is universal. Play is essential for healthy growth and development. Play is natural. Play is (hopefully) fun. These are all sentiments I've shared with parents, caregivers, students, supervisees, colleagues, family,…

Emergencies From Start to Finish: Who’s Involved?

The first person we most likely think about in an emergency or disaster incident like the one pictured above is the victim(s), and rightfully so, because there is the potential for the victim to incur life-threatening injuries and experience…

The Power in Being Mindful of Expectations

“Why does my child act out at home and not other places?” Since you and your home are likely your child’s safe space, it is not uncommon for behaviors and emotional dysregulation to arise that are not displayed in other settings. This…

Seeking Couples Counseling as a Polyamorous Couple

While Monogamy is the most popular relationship type in America, there is a growing population of people who either have engaged in or are currently engaging in some form of an Ethically Nonmonogamous relationship. Ethical Nonmonogamy (ENM)…

The Unexpected Lessons of Parenthood: A Counselor’s Journey

Parenthood can be a transformative experience, one that challenges even the most seasoned professionals in child and adolescent counseling. With over two decades of experience as a counselor and play therapist, I thought I had a solid grasp…

How Do We Help Those Who Serve?

I have a vivid memory as a kid sitting in my dining room and watching my father and brother rush out of the house after their pagers went off for a fire call. I also remember my father taking me up to the fire house as a kid to explore the monstrous…

Why Does My Therapist Want to Know About My Childhood?

Many people who start therapy are curious about why their therapist wants to know so much about their childhood. After all, the problems they are experiencing today seem to have nothing to do with what happened when they were a kid. But as Gabor…

Parenting Toolbox: Grandma’s Rule

Experts, parents, and bystanders all agree that parenting is tough. Having been in the counseling and parenting field for the last 18 years, I can acknowledge how tough parenting can be. Parents are trying to love, nurture and keep their child(ren)…

Child Directive Play: It’s Not About You

Educators, childcare workers, and counselors all understand the importance of child-directed play. As a counselor in the child-welfare field for almost 20 years, I am here to educate you as a parent on the necessity of fostering creativity and…

The Mind Grind Podcast

Two therapists share their insights of life from personal experiences and extensive work with co-occurring populations. From themes currently showing up in Mental Health, how they work through these, to their take on hard conversation topics, Dana and Beth will let you into their world. Both have backgrounds as Social Workers, Yoga Instructors, Mindfulness Facilitators, Supervisors and Clinical Directors.

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