When You Have to Wait

by Sarah Pastore, LCSW Faced with a high-stakes situation, our brains and bodies shift gears to tackle it. This stress response gives us a burst of energy, discourages us from taking unnecessary risks, and streamlines decision-making for…

The Exercise-Mental Heath Connection

by Jotie Mondair, LPC, ATRBC, CCTP In our hectic lives, it's easy to overlook the significant impact that physical activity can have on our mental health. Sedentary habits (including but not limited to office jobs, working from home, long…

Understanding the Importance of Good Communication Skills

by Jennifer Drager, LPC Communication is a fundamental aspect of our daily lives. It plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy relationships with our partners, raising our children, and achieving success in our professional lives. However,…

3 Ways to Foster Assertive Communication in Children

by Toriann Clarke, MA, LPC, NCC Have you ever asked your child a question and they clam up and refuse to speak? What about when you witness them agreeing to something and they appear visibly uncomfortable? Or when your child cannot get their…

Let’s Talk About the Pandemic

by Kellie Medendorp, LCSW, CFRC March 2024 It’s been four years since everyone across the globe encountered the same fear and uncertainty all at the same time. We all had one common enemy together…and we were terrified. Especially…

The Anatomy of an Apology

by Jennifer Drager, LPC As a therapist and former child welfare worker, I've witnessed countless apologies being given, received, and analyzed. However, it's clear that, as a society, we struggle to issue apologies in a genuinely significant…

Your Therapist Can’t Read Your Mind

by Sarah Pastore, LCSW When therapy is going well, it can sometimes feel like our therapist has just read our mind- “How did they know exactly how I was feeling?” But, of course, therapists aren’t psychic; we’re following what you’re…

3 Tips for Parents in the Play Therapy Room

by Toriann Clarke MA, LPC, NCC Play Therapy is an expressive form of therapy for children that may assist with managing trauma and challenging behaviors. Play Therapy often takes place in a room where there is a variety of objects, such as…

The Littlest Therapist & Firefighter

by Kellie Medendorp, LCSW, CFRC I am so pleased to announce to our Emergency Responders communities that Equilibria has created a specialty program to meet the unique needs of Emergency Responders. I am the founder and lead clinician of…

What Exactly is Vicarious Trauma in Emergency Responders?

by Kellie Medendorp, LCSW, CFRC At the age of 16, I became a volunteer firefighter, and when I graduated high school I made the decision to pursue social work and therapy as a career. The easiest way I can explain vicarious trauma is through…

You Need Therapy!

by Kellie Medendorp, LCSW, CFRC Do we need therapy? No. That’s right, the therapist is telling you that most people don’t NEED therapy (there may be exceptions for those living with chronic and severe psychological illnesses that may…

The Power of Play in Parenting: Nurturing Healthy Connections

by Kristy Brumfield Play is universal. Play is essential for healthy growth and development. Play is natural. Play is (hopefully) fun. These are all sentiments I've shared with parents, caregivers, students, supervisees, colleagues, family,…

The Mind Grind Podcast

Two therapists share their insights of life from personal experiences and extensive work with co-occurring populations. From themes currently showing up in Mental Health, how they work through these, to their take on hard conversation topics, Dana and Beth will let you into their world. Both have backgrounds as Social Workers, Yoga Instructors, Mindfulness Facilitators, Supervisors and Clinical Directors.

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