Group Therapy for Kids and Teens

Equilibria Group Therapy

Group therapy can be extremely beneficial to children and adolescents because it allows them to learn from their peers, as well as an adult. Learning how to cooperate and problem solve with others challenges children/adolescents to develop their interpersonal and relating skills, qualities which are imperative to emotional, behavioral and learning success.

We offer a wide variety of groups focused on social skills, learning, behavior and emotion management, and specific topics such as divorce, loss and teen issues. We offer groups for children and teens as well as parents.  Examples of previous groups include:

  • My Life as a Teenage Girl: Dealing with the Ups and Downs of Adolescence
  • When Making Friends is Not So Easy: Learning how to make friends and keep them
  • Social Skills Training for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders

*All of our groups have open enrollment and require a meeting with the group therapist to assess for fit and appropriateness. Please contact us at 267-861-3685, option 1 or click here to find out more or schedule an intake session.