Family Therapy and Counseling

Family Therapy and Counseling

Families are complex systems. Each family member can have a strong impact on each of the other members, and on the family unit as a whole.

Equilibria offers specialized therapy and consultation programs geared specifically toward helping families address and work through the struggles they may face. We help rebuild the confidence and strength necessary to resolve the unique and complex issues, transitions, and crises that families face.

Our therapeutic environment and approach is one in which family members can feel open and comfortable sharing their experiences and feelings with each other. Our approach is to help build strong and meaningful family relationships to help cope with events and issues that affect each family member and the family as a whole.

Goals of Family Counseling

This kind of therapy focuses on encouraging positive change, resolving conflict, better understanding one another and improving overall interactions within the family. This kind of therapy helps families to:

  • Deal with conflict more productively
  • Navigate, process and learn to cope with familial crisis
  • Cope with and overcome significant loss or significant change
  • Improve familial communications and interactions
  • Process and cope with other challenges to the familial unit

The Process of Family Counseling

At Equilibria, our therapists facilitate family therapy sessions by guiding everyone to focus on their patterns as opposed to analyzing each individual separately. The therapist ultimately helps guide the family members to resolve conflict while also teaching them how to utilize these tools outside of the session.

Why Family Counseling Works

Research indicates that family therapy is very effective in providing greater insight, increased differentiation of individual family members, improved communication within the family, loosening of previously automatic behavior patterns, and resolution of the problems that led the family to seek treatment in the first place.

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Scheduling a Family Therapy or Counseling Session

At Equilibria, we try very hard to accommodate our clients’ schedules. Therefore, we will attempt to find a time of the day or evening that will allow for all family members to attend at the same time. Additionally, some of our therapists offer weekend hours.

To schedule an appointment with one of our licensed clinicians call us at 267-861-3685, Option 1 or contact us here.