Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching At Equilibria Kids

Although parenting children is full of joy and excitement, it is also quite challenging. Being bombarded with “shoulds” and “coulds” and often contradictory advice does not help the constant feeling of, “Am I doing this wrong?”

At Equilibria Kids, we take a different approach to helping parents succeed. By coaching parents to define their own version of parenting excellence, we assist parents in harnessing their own strengths and tapping into their unique resources to parent adaptively, positively and effectively.

We help parents to manage their internal critical voices, develop their strengths and balance their needs as well as the needs of their child.

Benefits of Parent Coaching

Parents can benefit from a coach for many different reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • Strengthening parenting styles to achieve parenting consistency
  • Managing stress and anxiety about parenting
  • Developing more effective methods of discipline
  • Strengthening communication with children and teens
  • Guiding children and teens through transitions (e.g., divorce, school adjustments, life transitions)
  • Supporting children and teens with special needs (e.g., learning differences, ADHD, emotional issues)
  • Developing parenting styles and personal emotional intelligence to enhance children’s/teens’ self-concepts
  • Developing and strengthening tools to manage familial changes or obstacles (e.g., divorce, sibling rivalry)

The Process of Parent Coaching

Clients have an option to receive parent coaching telephonically or in-person. Although weekly sessions are standard, each family has different needs and may require more or less time. This will be discussed at the onset of the coaching engagement and will be based on the needs of the family. Sessions last for 45 minutes.

Whether coaching is done in-person or via the telephone, email communication is offered so that questions can be answered and goals monitored between sessions.

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