Emergency Responders Program

Supporting Those That Protect Us

Emergency Responders face challenges and responsibilities that most civilians can’t comprehend.  These are the people that race towards gunfire, burst into burning buildings, breathe life into the deceased, all to protect our health, security and property.  Although they may seem like superheroes, they are just people, well-trained and hardened by experience to put aside their fear and confront horrifying situations, all while making instantaneous decisions on the razors edge between life and death.

Because of these physical and emotional demands, Emergency Responders are subject to unique stressors that can take a serious toll on their mental health and well-being.

The mission of the Emergency Responders Program is to provide those who serve others with a space to work through the demands of their role with empathetic and culturally competent providers. The Emergency Responders Program will help improve the quality of life and performance of Emergency Responders and their families.

The Stress of Service

Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Substance Abuse are all common issues among Emergency Responders.  In fact, according to NIH studies, nearly 1 in 3 Emergency Responders report struggling with some or all of these issues.  This is not surprising considering the chaos and trauma they are exposed to on a near continual basis.  This can result in a decline in job performance, as well as, general health issues including, digestive problems, fatigue, insomnia, stress, difficulty in relationships, mood regulation and a general decline in overall quality of life.

We Are Here To Help

“We are here to help.”  These are words you might expect to hear from a Emergency Responders.  At Equilibria, we are saying them back to the EMTs, Firefighters, Police Officers, Active Duty Military, Veterans, Doctors, Nurses, Correction Officers, District Attorneys ,Public Defenders, Virologists and anyone else who puts their mental and physical well-being at risk defending others from harm.  You have our backs, we have yours.

When To Reach Out

Sooner rather than later.  If you are a Emergency Responders and find yourself feeling “off,” if you notice your energy levels have been depleted for no reason, or you find yourself unusually agitated or depressed, give us a call.  It’s much easier to confront these things early before they fester into something larger.

If you are concerned that it’s “too late,” that you have a problem that has spiraled out of control and can’t be dealt with, it’s not true.  It may take a little longer, but every knot can be unraveled with the right care.

What If The Boss Finds Out?

Not a concern.  Under HIPPA laws, unless you are planning on harming yourself or others, everything that is discussed between you and your therapist is completely confidential.

Schedule An Appointment

The Equilibria Emergency Responders Program is well aware that Emergency Responders often have demanding and erratic schedules. We try very hard to accommodate this by offering appointments throughout the day and evening in order to accommodate your commitments.  Additionally, some of our therapists offer weekend hours.

To schedule an appointment with one of our licensed clinicians call us at 267-861-3685, Option 1 or contact us using this form.