Child Therapy Center of Excellence

The Child Therapy Center of Excellence (CTCOE) at Equilibria Psychological and Consultation Services is a group of highly specialized child and teen therapists who are committed to professional growth in continuing training, regular supervision (both group and individual supervision), and are able to participate in our biweekly Child Therapy Peer Consultation for support in processing work with clients ages 18 and under.

Our group of child and teen therapists is comprised of Licensed Psychologists (Psy.D., Ph.D.), Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), Board-Certified Dance/Movement Therapists (BC-DMT), National Certified Counselors (NCC), and Pre-licensed Counselors (receiving regular individual and group supervision). Our therapists have experience working in schools, hospital settings, community behavioral health settings, and outpatient settings. They are specialized in treating Trauma, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Sexual Behavior Problems, Substance use issues, Identity and LGBTQIA+ issues, among others.

Participants attend biweekly internal trainings on various topics related to clinical work with children and teens. Some examples of previous trainings include:

  • ADHD Interventions
  • Mindfulness with Children and Teens
  • Basic Principles of Play Therapy
  • Substance Use in Teens
  • Affirming and Empowering LGBTQIA+/Gender Diverse Youth
  • Motivation: Myth or Mindset?: Supporting Teens in Building Self-efficacy and Positive Habits
  • Autism: Early Childhood and Early Elementary
  • Autism in Adolescents
  • Introduction to Dance/Movement Therapy
  • A Trauma Psychoeducation “Crash Course” for Teens

Resource Corner

Coming Soon! Check back for some great resources on various topics

If you’re interested in scheduling your child or teen for an intake with a member of the Child Therapy Center of Excellence (CTCOE), please call our main number: (267) 861-3685; option 1,  to speak with one of our Referral Coordinators.