Why Is Teletherapy becoming More And More Popular?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, teletherapy became the primary way that clinicians were able to continue to safely provide services to clients. For many clients, teletherapy sessions are as helpful and effective as in-person therapy sessions.  Many clients realized they actually preferred teletherapy services to in-person services.  Clients enjoy the greater convenience of participating in therapy from the comfort of their own home and find teletherapy allows them greater flexibility in scheduling sessions and less time commitment since they do not need to schedule additional time to travel to and from the office.

Teletherapy also allows clients to meet with their therapists in situations such as inclement weather or during minor illness or injury, which may have prevented clients from attending an in-person session.  Now that state and federal restrictions related to COVID are lifted and it is again possible for clinicians and clients to meet in the office, many clients have chosen to continue their therapy services by teletherapy.

If you or anyone you know is in need of mental health support, we have a strong, vibrant group of therapists who offer confidential teletherapy sessions to anyone in the state of Pennsylvania.

Is Teletherapy The Same As Therapy?

Teletherapy sessions are essentially the same as person to person therapy, however, the sessions take place over HIPAA compliant video conferencing software.  There is nothing to download and starting a session is as easy as entering your name and clicking a button to let you doctor know you’re ready.  You can use a computer, tablet or cell phone in any private location you feel comfortable.

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Why Teletherapy?

There are many reasons people choose teletherapy over traditional person to person therapy.  Some like the convenience, some feel more comfortable in their own homes, and some just live in areas that are underserved by quality therapists.  Even in larger cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Scranton and Erie, finding a therapist with availability can be difficult and once you get into more suburban and rural areas, it can become seemingly impossible.  Taking care of your mental health is so important to a productive and fulfilling life.  We at Equilibria want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to meet with a specialized professional that meets their needs, no matter where they live in the state Pennsylvania.

Does Insurance Cover Teletherapy?

Yes!  Most plans do cover teletherapy, and once you schedule with us, we will be happy to check with your specific plan to let you know what your exact responsibility is regarding copay, coinsurance and/or deductible.  The copay is usually the same, or sometimes even lower, than your usual office visit copay.

Schedule A Teletherapy Session

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