Parent Therapy Services

Formats of Adult & Family Psychotherapy and Counseling

Both short term and long term options are available for children, teenagers, and adults in all treatment formats.


Equilibria Kids offers one-on-one therapy to address concerns that range from temporary problems to issues of a more complex nature. We help our clients understand and resolve their emotional, behavioral and/or social issues in a way that increases their self-awareness and satisfaction.


When two people join together as part of a marriage or an intimate relationship, various issues and struggles may arise as they strive to attain and maintain satisfaction. At Equilibria Kids, we help couples negotiate these obstacles. This experience is aimed at increasing empathetic understanding, improving effective communication, and providing an opportunity for mutual growth.


Families are complex systems where each member can have a h3 impact on each of the other members, and on the family as a whole. We aim to help families rebuild the confidence and strength necessary to resolve the unique and complex issues, transitions, and crises that they may face.

One area that we specialize in at Equilibria Kids is helping families work through the process of grief and loss as a family member struggles with or loses the battle with a terminal or chronic illness.


Equilibria Kids offers different parenting groups depending on needs in the community and requests of the clients we serve. The following groups are currently open for enrollment:


This group is specifically for parents who are navigating their child’s first year of life. We will be sorting out all of the parenting advice out there: from the “experts” to strangers on the street, learning to trust our instincts and, ultimately, to develop a parenting style that works for each of us. This group seeks to take parenting out of isolation, reduce the judgment new parents often feel (and are tempted to engage in), and draws upon the strengths and expertise that exists in all of us. Parents will emerge from this group with greater confidence and sense of their own competence as parents. Parents WILL BE ABLE to bring their children to this group (as they will be free to crawl and play while we talk). Both parents are encouraged to attend.

Who: New parents
When: Groups begin every 10 weeks


This group is tailored to parents of children from 1-3 who are first encountering difficult behaviors. Parents will learn basic principals of behavior modification and how to parent with love and boundaries. We will also focus on three primary issues that concern parents of toddlers: sleep, eating and toileting. With each of these topics, parents will learn what is “normative,” explore their own experiences, and learn how to manage the difficulties they encounter. As a result of this group, parents will be able to reduce parent-child conflict and the stress it places on the family and parenting partnerships. Children will not be able to attend, as we will be discussing sensitive issues not meant for their ears. However, both parents are encouraged to attend.

Who: Parents of toddlers
When: Groups begin every 10 weeks


This group is specifically for parents who know they are “out of alignment” and want to shift to a model of co-parenting. In this group, we will explore our parenting values, where they come into conflict, and how to negotiate these conflicts. Parents will emerge from this group with a better sense of their parenting styles and what each brings to the parenting relationship, a clearer understanding of who’s in charge of what, and improved ability to appear before their children as a united front (even when they don’t agree). Children will not be able to attend these sessions, as we will be discussing sensitive issues not meant for their ears. As this is a co-parenting group, it is required that both parents attend each session.

Who: Parents
When: Groups begin every 10 weeks


This group is specifically for parents of children ages 2-10 who have been diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder. Needs and interests of participants will be assessed at the beginning of each six-session series to determine the topics that are most relevant for the group as a whole. Topics may include, but are not limited to: coping with the diagnosis, managing difficult behaviors, fostering social and play skills, increasing language and communication, navigating the school system, dealing with sibling relationships, generalizing skills from school to home (and home to school), deciding when and how to talk about the diagnosis with others (and my child), etc. Sessions are 1 ½ hours each and are limited to eight parents or four parenting partners to ensure balanced participation. Children will not be able to join these groups, as we will be discussing topics not meant for their ears.

Who: Parents of children who have been diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder
When: Groups begin every 6 weeks