Lethal Weapon Certification & Evaluation

Act 235 or Act 120 Evaluation

Equilibria offers the most competitive rates for a lethal weapons psychological evaluation and is contracted by some of the major local agencies to do these evaluations. Since we believe in helping individuals succeed and not deter forward progress with their career, we ensure timely turnaround of the results and reporting.

If you are looking for lethal weapon certification call Equilibria at (267) 861-3685 x 2 or fill out our contact form.

A Lethal Weapon Certification, also referred to as an Act 235 or Act 120 evaluation, requires a psychological examination to determine mental fitness of the individual prior to being allowed to carry a firearm or other “lethal” weapon.

These evaluations are given to a variety of professionals, including police officers (municipal, county and state), armed security guards, private investigators, bodyguards, and other security-related professionals.

The exam itself consists of an interview and personality assessment and generally takes two to three hours to complete. The interview is a one-on-one interview to learn more about you. The personality assessment is a multiple choice test with no right or wrong answers. Equilibria offers these exams in group and individual formats.

What are the steps I need to take to complete all of the requirements for Act 235?

Step 1:  Complete an online application.  Once you are in the system, select the Home Act 235 button and select the Basic Training Application. Individuals with previous or current law enforcement certification or training may apply for waivers by answering questions and providing required documents within the application.

Step 2:  When you submit your application you will then be able to schedule your fingerprint session.  

Step 3:  When you submit your application you will also receive a confirmation email from the Lethal Weapons Certification Unit with instructions to download and print the physical and psychological examination forms. Equilibria has clinicians with the required PA license who can complete the psychological exam and submit completed forms to the Lethal Weapons Certification Unit. Please contact us at (267) 861-3685 x 2 or fill out our contact form.

Step 4:  Once the Certification Unit has received your application, fingerprints, physical, and psychological examination, you will receive an approval or denial notification by email.  If you receive official notification that you have been approved for training, you should schedule training at an Act 235 certified school. A list of certified schools can be found on the Certified Schools page.

Step 5:  Once the training is completed, you log back into the registration website to finalize your certification.

Please contact PA State Police Lethal Weapons Office at 717-346-7763 for questions about whether the State Police have your application or your exam results.

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