Parental Therapy, Coaching
and Psychology Services

Parent Coaching

At Equilibria Kids, we take a different approach to helping parents succeed. By coaching parents to define their own version of parenting excellence, we assist parents in harnessing their own strengths and tapping into their unique resources to parent adaptively, positively and effectively.

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Divorce Counseling

When couples begin the process of separation and/or divorce, it can be incredibly difficult to navigate the new relationship, especially when children are involved. Co-parent coaching or cooperative parenting helps to anticipate and provide the tools to manage the inevitable transitions and rough patches that are intrinsic to the shifting family dynamic during this difficult period.

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Therapy Services for Parents and Adults

We offer one-on-one therapy to address concerns that range from temporary problems to issues of a more complex nature. We help our clients understand and resolve their emotional, behavioral and/or social issues in a way that increases their self-awareness and satisfaction.

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Pregnancy & Early Childhood

Services for soon-to-be parents and recent parents.

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