Substance Abuse by Teens or Children

Substance Abuse by Teens or Children

Experimentation with drugs and/or alcohol during adolescence is common. However, often teens lack the forethought to see how their actions today may carry long lasting, problematic consequences tomorrow. Coupled with the common teenage feeling of invincibility, adolescents who use drugs are often at risk for further drug and/or alcohol use and associated problems. The most common reasons for drug abuse in adolescents include the following:

  • Peer pressure
  • Curiosity
  • Underlying emotional problems

Immediate intervention is often beneficial to provide teens with the necessary education around drug/alcohol use, as well as the skills necessary to deal with peer pressure and the underlying issues for using drugs. At Equilibria Kids, our mental health experts work closely with teens and their families to provide education and treatment related to drug/alcohol use and abuse.

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