Weight and Lifestyle Management

Weight/Life Management & Bariatric Surgery/Lap Band Surgery Evaluations:

Food is a necessary aspect of life with many connections to family, friends, and our memories. However, our relationship with food can become unhealthy and uncontrollable. Compulsive overeating or other self-destructive eating behaviors can foster feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, shifting from comfort to despair.

Our weight/lifestyle management services at Equilibria Psychological and Consultation Services are not solely an exercise program. Rather, we help individuals develop or repair their relationship with food and their bodies. We offer counseling and coaching for individuals who overeat and are interested in gaining some understanding as well as control over these behaviors. In addition, we offer all-inclusive psychological services to those individuals choosing to undergo the Gastric Bypass/Bariatric surgery process or Lap-Band surgery process.

If you are looking to repair your relationship with food, we can help.

Bariatric Surgery/Lap-Band Surgery Evaluation

Making the decision to undergo the process of Gastric Bypass Surgery or Lap-Band Surgery is life changing; it requires determination and preparation. At EPCS, we guide Bariatric or Lap-Band surgery candidates throughout their decision making process, the surgery itself, the healing process, and maintaining the lifestyle changes. Our approach involves assessment, psychological treatment/support, and fitness/nutrition consultation.

At EPCS we offer comprehensive services to assess and treat those individuals choosing to undergo Gastric Bypass or Lap-Band surgery. Our assessment process involves a comprehensive clinical interview, psychological testing, and task-oriented goal setting to assess a client’s readiness and appropriateness to undergo bariatric surgery. Our skilled team is trained to assess and treat individuals who are deciding if they are at a time in their life when they are ready to make the commitment to attain physical and emotional wellness.

Treatment Services

Losing weight can bring about significant physical, emotional, and interpersonal changes. Our comprehensive treatment program guides the Bariatric or Lap-Band surgery client through their physical and psychological metamorphosis.

Pre-surgery weekly group: 6 weeks

The following issues are addressed in our weekly group meeting:

  • Preparing physically and mentally for surgery
  • Identifying emotional and psychological issues related to food and understanding one’s relationship to eating
  • Developing and implementing new habits related to eating, fitness, and all aspects of decision-making, including: thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • Setting and attaining small goals pre-surgery, along with putting into practice the behaviors you will have to engage in for the rest of your life
  • Creating realistic expectations for life post-surgery

Post-surgery group (including nutrition and fitness): 12 weeks

The following issues are addressed in our weekly group meeting:

  • Managing life post-surgery and following program guidelines
  • Coping with changes in interpersonal relationships
  • Identifying strategies for not overeating
  • Developing a healthy relationship with food
  • Creating a new lifestyle and adapting to a new self-image
    • Reviewing nutritional counseling
    • Understanding fitness and setting personal fitness goals
  • Implementing food and exercise diary
    • Journaling as a positive coping strategy for stress

Maintaining Results-Individual/Group Continuing Post-Op Support

The path to overall well-being and the integration of so many changes is an individual process. Even when one develops a healthier relationship with food following their surgery, the idea of maintaining all of the adjustments made for the foreseeable future is a daunting task. Life stressors can trigger old eating habits, which can potentially lead to unintended weight gain and a break in progress. At EPCS we offer individualized and group treatment and coaching options for our post-op clients. Ongoing support services can be obtained in group and/or individual settings.

If you are seeking help with weight/life management or are seeking a psychological evaluation for one of the many weight loss surgeries, we can help.

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