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Understanding the Importance of Good Communication Skills

by Jennifer Drager, LPC Communication is a fundamental aspect of our daily lives. It plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy relationships with our partners, raising our children, and achieving success in our professional lives. However, effective communication is not always easy to achieve. It requires a deep understanding of what communication truly means. Ineffective […]

The Anatomy of an Apology

by Jennifer Drager, LPC As a therapist and former child welfare worker, I’ve witnessed countless apologies being given, received, and analyzed. However, it’s clear that, as a society, we struggle to issue apologies in a genuinely significant and impactful way. In this article, I aim to explore the complexities of making a sincere and profound […]

Parenting Toolbox: Grandma’s Rule

Experts, parents, and bystanders all agree that parenting is tough. Having been in the counseling and parenting field for the last 18 years, I can acknowledge how tough parenting can be. Parents are trying to love, nurture and keep their child(ren) safe all while maintaining a home, employment, and other life obligations. It helps if […]

Child Directive Play: It’s Not About You

Educators, childcare workers, and counselors all understand the importance of child-directed play. As a counselor in the child-welfare field for almost 20 years, I am here to educate you as a parent on the necessity of fostering creativity and child-directive play.  Child-directed play can enhance problem-solving, self-regulation, educational learning, and decision-making. Child-directed play is a […]

Parenting Techniques: Limited Choices

By Jennifer “Jen” Drager, LPC Click here to request an appointment   As a professional in the world of family counseling and parenting, I am often asked what my go-to parenting strategies are. My favorite and most suggested parenting technique is limited choices. Offering choices instead of demands can be a very effective parenting tool, […]