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The Littlest Therapist & Firefighter

by Kellie Medendorp, LCSW, CFRC I am so pleased to announce to our Emergency Responders communities that Equilibria has created a specialty program to meet the unique needs of Emergency Responders. I am the founder and lead clinician of this center. It is important to me that Emergency Responders have access to support professionals and resources […]

You Need Therapy!

by Kellie Medendorp, LCSW, CFRC Do we need therapy? No. That’s right, the therapist is telling you that most people don’t NEED therapy (there may be exceptions for those living with chronic and severe psychological illnesses that may be best and most safely managed with the help of a clinician who specializes in treating those […]

Emergencies From Start to Finish: Who’s Involved?

The first person we most likely think about in an emergency or disaster incident like the one pictured above is the victim(s), and rightfully so, because there is the potential for the victim to incur life-threatening injuries and experience change to their and their family’s lifestyle. There is also a ripple effect to consider with […]

How Do We Help Those Who Serve?

I have a vivid memory as a kid sitting in my dining room and watching my father and brother rush out of the house after their pagers went off for a fire call. I also remember my father taking me up to the fire house as a kid to explore the monstrous fire trucks. I […]

Forgiveness as a Coping Skill 

It can be challenging to focus on the reasons to be grateful and to actually practice forgiveness. The losses we have experienced, the pain, the sadness, the disappointment, the jealousy, and any other feeling you are having that can keep you in a place of feeling stuck and ungrateful can be overwhelming.