Equilibria is Proud to Announce The Child Therapy Center Of Excellence


The Child Therapy Center of Excellence (CTCOE) at Equilibria Psychological and Consultation Services is a group of highly specialized child and teen therapists who are committed to professional growth in continuing training, regular supervision (both group and individual supervision), and are able to participate in our biweekly Child Therapy Peer Consultation for support in processing work with clients ages 18 and under.

Through specified training, clinical supervision and peer consultation, our talented and diverse team of clinicians ensure that your child will receive the best possible care and treatment. Using a team-based approach to take advantage of our clinician’s individual specialties, we are redefining the Equilibria approach towards Children’s Therapy. Your child’s clinician will utilize the individual strengths and specialties of our entire children’s clinical team and apply their collective knowledge and experience to their own.  This will enable them to provide your child with the most targeted, enriching and comfortable treatment possible.


If you’re interested in scheduling your child or teen for an intake with a member of the Child Therapy Center of Excellence (CTCOE), please call our main number: (267) 861-3685; option 1,  to speak with one of our Referral Coordinators