Ryan Wilson, LPC

Ryan Wilson

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Each of your life experiences, both outward and inward, have meaning. Equally, the symptoms and issues that are bringing you into therapy tend to reflect that your mind and body are telling you something in your life requires special attention. This may be related to external circumstances such as conflict in relationships, family discord, employment or economic challenges, or a significant loss. Or, it may be connected to an internal experience, such as anxiety or anger, depression or emotional pain.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I am committed to working in a collaborative and respectful way to assist you in addressing and processing those things that are confusing, problematic, disruptive or painful. I aim to provide more than just solutions and advice, but rather consistent emotional care and support through a process of exploration towards increasing clarity, self-understanding and self-regard. It is my privilege to join clients on this journey, though this happens best in an environment of openness and mutual trust. I am dedicated to this kind of therapeutic experience for the clients with whom I work.

I have several years of experience working with a diverse range of individuals and couples of many ages and backgrounds. I see adults, adolescents and children. I have extensive training in the Psychodynamic Approach to treatment, which offers the opportunity for a very detailed, in-depth and relational way of conducting therapy. It also creates a very high regard for how one’s relational and family history contribute to current problems.

Though a good academic and well-studied approach to any treatment is important, each individual person who comes to therapy first-and-foremost deserves to be recognized as a distinct and dynamic human being, who has an important perspective on their life circumstances. As a way to honor this reality, I also employ an integrative approach to treatment that caters to the individuality of each client.

I will work with most any presenting issue or psychiatric diagnosis. Here are the areas for which I am most qualified:

  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Obsessive Thoughts and Compulsive Behaviors
  • Adoption
  • Marital, Family and Relational Issues
  • Supervision for pre-licensed therapists
  • College Student Issues
  • Grief
  • Trauma and Abuse
  • Sexuality
  • Narcissism and Borderline


  • Licensed Professional Counselor, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Certificate of Completion, Advanced Psychodynamic Psychotherapy program – St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute
  • Faculty, Clinical Residency – Care and Counseling, Inc.
  • Licensed Professional Counselor, State of Missouri
  • Certificate of Completion, Clinical Residency – Care and Counseling, Inc.
  • Masters of Education, Counseling Psychology – Temple University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology – North Central University

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