Dr. Erica Burgoon Ph.D.

Erica Burgoon

Dr. Erica Burgoon

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People may seek therapy for themselves or their child when they are unhappy or dissatisfied with some aspect of the way they are feeling or behaving and recognize that a change would be beneficial for them, their family, or their child.

I view my responsibility as a therapist as creating a safe space and fostering a collaborative relationship for people to express themselves freely, identify the changes they would like to make, discuss the factors contributing to the problem, and to create a plan for reaching their goals or make the changes they are seeking.

Much of the change that happens during the course of therapy happens between sessions, but each session is an opportunity to talk about the progress that is happening, what is working well, and what could be adjusted to better help in making progress. Sessions are also a chance to learn new skills that may help to address challenges a person is facing.

I strongly believe there are at least two experts present at every session. I bring certain expertise from my education, training and experience. But more importantly, the individuals and families with whom I work bring expertise on themselves, their families, and the experiences and history that make them unique and I honor that. The therapeutic relationship is unique, but at its core it is still a human relationship and I believe that like most relationships, it tends to work best when it is marked by compassion, honesty, warmth, and at times humor.

I work with children and adolescents and their parents, as well as adults. Areas in which I specialize include working with children and adults who have experienced trauma, working with children and adults who are experiencing anxiety, depression, or other mood disorders, and working with children with sexual behavior problems, as well as other disruptive behaviors, including those associated with ADHD.

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